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right now democrats descending on charlotte, north
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carolina. brace yourself for terrible traffic tuesday. why tomorrow could be one of the worst days of the year on the road. the threat of flooding is not over in d.c.'s bloomingdale neighborhood. >> i'm doreen gentzler. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. jim vance is on assignment at the democratic national convention. the remnants of hurricane isaac could cause hask for tomorrow's commute. >> doug kammerer tells us what to expect. >> you add in everybody going to work and school and you are dealing with a mess on the roadways because of the weather too. the dew point of 74, humidity way up there right now. we have a heat index of 82 at this hour. it shows you the moisture in the atmosphere. all we need is a spark. the remnants of isaac are off to our west.
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and more rain up in the baltimore area where they have seen a lot of rain during the day today. this is the rain to the south that will make its way up here throughout the rest of the night. is it not moving through the area very fast. some areas could see 1 to 2 inches of rain overnight and into tomorrow morning. you will most likely need the umbrella as you step out. it may not be raining when you step out the front door but when you come home. the temperatures between 69 and 75 degrees. once again any rain that does fall tomorrow could be on the heavy side. >> the threat of more rain has people in the bloomingdale area on edge tonight. flash flooding turned roads into rivers. and it's a familiar scene for people who live here. erika gonzalez is live where the cleanup continues again at this hour. erica? >> again. it's a never-ending story for the folks here.
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but look at rhode island avenue right now. it's clear. it's clean. it's quiet. and it's dry. the keyword is dry. last night there was a completely different picture. it literally looked like a river out here. tonight, a very different story. it's muggy. it's humid. but the important thing, as of right now it's dry. so far, so good. ahead of tonight's possible rain d.c. water crews spent the evening delivering sandbags. too much rain in too short of time is what they got last night. >> last night was the first flood since a couple weeks ago. it was a bad one. >> fire crews had to use a boat to rescue a man from his car. arlee christian owns a house on the street. we were here in july when it flooded her tenant's basement. after three more floods.
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>> he got freaked out by the flooding. >> christian says he moved out. the space is different now. she did repairs outside the home. >> when water overflows it comes into the pump here and is pumped out. >> reporter: and in. >> a backflow preventer inside. >> reporter: to make sure the space doesn't flood for her next renter. why does it keep happening again and again? d.c. water told us yesterday the pipes are simply too old and too small to handle such large amounts of water in a short amount of time. but they are looking for any type of new things they can implement on a short term basis and looking into the future. but that will take a lot more time. back to you in the studio. the other big story tonight the eve of the democratic national convention tonight. president obama will make his kay for re-election this week.
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v jim vance is in charlotte, north carolina tonight. >> reporter: delegates are on the streets of charlotte enjoying all this city has to offer. tomorrow they get down to the business of making news instead of reacting to it as the governor has been doing for a couple of days. on sunday the governor says americans are not better off than they were four years ago. and today he offered what's called a clarification. >> can you honestly say people are better off today than four years ago? >> no but that's not the question of this election. >> we are better as a country because we are creating jobs rather than losing them. >> reporter: others in maryland today are looking beyond state borders in order to help in this election. tom sherwood has more on that story. >> reporter: everyone knows virginia is a toss up state.
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maryland says it can help. as a workman hosted the maryland state flag in charlotte, delegates were not just thinking about their state. most agree it's solidly democratic. but neighboring virginia right now is a toss up. and maryland democrats intend to help. the state attorney general says like 2008, maryland will deploy volunteers all over the commonwealth. >> the lower part of maryland we're going into virginia and doing knocking on doors in virginia, particularly northern virginia as well as doing phone banking deeper into virginia. >> reporter: the national democratic party agrees that maryland could be crucial in keeping virginia blue. >> i know that you are proud to be a very blue state. and you should be. but we know that we're going to need your help making sure that virginia stays blue. >> reporter: he said that the
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campaigning will not detract from ballot issues, immigration, same-sex marriage and casino gambling all on the maryland ballot in november. maryland has a lot to do besides helping virginia. >> they will be busy at that starting tomorrow. among district delegates the issue is voting representation in congress. and eleanor holmes norton says that will not happen unless and until the district residents turn up the heat. >> they usual hi get their rights in a flame of movement. but dramatic action has to be taken or nothing dramatic is going to happen. >> dramatic action on a national scale is what the delegates are hoping for tomorrow. first lady michelle obama was out here getting acquainted with the podium. they are hoping that her speech will be lighting a spark.
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>> thank you tom and jim. mitt romney spent the labor day holiday at his lake house in new hampshire. but he did not let up on criticizing the state of the economy. he said today is another day of worrying when the next paycheck will come. paul ryan stumped in the same state where the dnc kicks off tomorrow and rejected the assertion that the country is better off now than four years ago. he told a crowd that jimmy carter's highly criticized presidency in the '70s looked good compared to the obama administration. he starts a fundraising trim tomorrow. tomorrow is terrible traffic tuesday, the day when people head back to work from the holiday and students across northern virginia go back to school. shomari stone is live with more. >> reporter: jim, as you know, d.c. drivers spend the most time sitting in traffic than any
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other city in the nation. combine that with terrible traffic is tuesday and you have a mess. students are going back to school tomorrow and they can expect to see a lot of traffic on the roadways. are you ready for terrible traffic tuesday? >> really? >> you might want to get ready. the end of summer vacations and going back to school. >> what can people expect? >> gridlock. >> but prepared to be stuck in commutes. >> you are talking about 2.8 million workers, 1.7 million driving alone. 700 million persons on metro. and school kids in the mix. >> a recipe turning a traffic headache into a migraine. set your alarm back at least 30 minutes.
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>> the worst hour of all the gridlock is around 9:00 when the parents drop their kids off at school and head into the office. >> reporter: here's a footnote for you. more people run out of gas tomorrow stuck in traffic than any other day of the nation. when he is talking about setting your clock back 30 minutes, do it 45 minutes, leaving 15 minutes to get some gas. i'm shomari stone. news4. tragedy averted in prince george's county after a family of five survived carbon monoxide poisons. they live in glenarden. when everyone woke up with headaches and nausea the parents realized those could be symptoms of carbon monoxide poisons. the five were taken to baltimore for possible treatment. they are all recovering tonight. up next, president obama touring the damage as people pick up the pieces from
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hurricane isaac. the heir to the red bull fortune arrested for a deadly hit and run involving a police officers. officers. is anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools...
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real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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now to the aftermath of hurricane isaac. the death toll has risen to eight. the latest victim is a 90-year-old man found dead in his home in new orleans. the man may have died from the
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heat. president obama visited some of the hardest hit areas in the gulf promising federal aid for survivors. the fire rages on out west. more than a thousand visitors had to be evacuated after a wildfire in the angeles national forest. it's already charred more than 3,000 acres. about 300 firefighters are working to try to put it out. the fire started yesterday. no word on what caused it. closer to home in maryland, a search for a missing boater going on 11 hours. two people fell from a sailboat into the chesapeake bay about 12 miles north of annapolis. coast guard says the man is 27 years old and a member of the boat crew. hollywood is mourning the loss of a character actor best known for his performance in
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"the green mile" michael clarke duncan died tonight in los angeles. besides the green mile he had a string of other block busters. he was engaged to marry omarosa. he was 54 years old. a legal nightmare for the grandson of the red bull founder. he is accused of hitting and killing a police officer with a ferrari and dragging his body down the street. he was traced back to the foul compound by following a trail of motor oil. the family is worth nearly $5.5 billion. the top police official in bangkok says that another officer tried to cover for the suspect. prince harry made his first appearance since nude photos in sin city were leaked.
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he appeared at ease and made no reference to the scandal. two weeks ago a newspaper released nude photos of him in los angeles. children who take medication for asthma may grow up to be shorter an their peers. children who took the drug grew to be an inch shorter than other adults. but they point out that the drug's benefits outweigh the risks. paying more to buy organic foods may not be worth it. buying organic can cost twice as much as conventional products. but research published today finds no significant difference between nutrition and safety. researchers say organic foods had less pesticide residue but have a similar risk for
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bacterial contamination. today would have been a good day to stock up on foods. tomorrow you won't want to go out much. >> the traffic and the weather. >> what do we call it? terrible traffic tuesday. >> you are not helping matters much, doug. >> i'm not. you may be able to get there by boat in some locations. tomorrow's not going to be a washout for everybody. but if you see a heavy downpour it will rain fairly hard. some areas could see 1 to 2 inches of rain during the day tomorrow. as i mentioned it's not going to happen everywhere but just a good idea to prepare for it and keep the umbrella handy. we have tropical moisture sitting over the area. the high temperature is 85 degrees. a lot of humidity out there. the low was 75. and more heavy rain is on the way for some of us. 79 degrees right now. a humidity of 84%.
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very warm and very humid. you step outside and you feel the soupy conditions out there. it will help to provide us with a chance for heavy rain. 74 in martinsburg and fredericksburg at 80 degrees. here's the current rain situation. we have a lot of rain in baltimore. baltimore county was hit very hard. the delmarva with more rain today. here's where our rain is coming from in culpepper county and western portions of falkir county. and this rain is making its way our way. we'll see rain overnight and some areas will see heavy rain. it will be moving through here. so maybe tomorrow morning around rush hour we may begin to dry out a little bit. but i expect to see wet roadways and expect to see fog in some locations. give yourself some extra time.
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the remnants of isaac are spinning off to the west here. look at all the moisture in the south in the carolinas and alabama and georgia and florida and all the moisture moving up the east coast. that's why we see a good chance for rain tomorrow and wednesday. here's the remnants of isaac with shower activity ahead of it. on tuesday still seeing shower activity and rain. isaac is making its way out and a cold front is continuing the moisture surge up from the south. so once again any of the showers will produce heavy rain of 1 to 2 inches per hour. if you get the rain you are going to see it. if you are not count yourself lucky. not everybody's going to be seeing it. areas of rain tomorrow some heavy with fog possible. tomorrow afternoon more clouds with areas of rain, some of it will be heavy. and there will be flooding possible.
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temperatures 80 to 85 degrees. as we move through the next couple days another good chance for the rain on wednesday with heavy downpours. thursday starting to dry out a little bit but a 30% chance of showers and thunderstorms. high of 91, 88 on friday. a warm and humid atmosphere through the end of the week. and this weekend could be a chance for more heavy rain this weekend. we have been talking all this -- all year about how we have seen a deficit and some areas have been in a drought situation. >> we don't have to make up for it at once. >> college football kicks
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. strike up the band. this is big. >> the talk of the town. it keeps getting better, this story. it's big time milestone today. the washington nationals clinched their first winning record since moving to this area. it has been longer than that for d.c. baseball. the last time a team was assured a winning record in town, 1969. something special happening. katie ledecky has a cool moment. the 15-year-old climpic gold medalist threw out the first pitch. she did get to see this. adam laroche take it deep second
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deck to right. 25th homer of the year. how about the lefty on the mound? ross detwiler a 3-2 pitch to castro. give me a 6-4-3 double play. detwiler with four hits over seven innings. top nine, nats up 2-1. clippard to close it out. but he gets a save number 30 strike out josh vitters. the nats win 2-1. >> i mean we still have to go to atlanta. we have marlins coming in and three more games with these guys. if we win the games there's no way we're out of it. if we keep pushing forward i think we'll be all right. >> the orioles today were winners. the yankees lose to the rays. the o's are just now one game back of new york in the al east.
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how about that? in blacksburg the season opener for virginia tech. hokies taking on georgia tech. they had one loss in the regular season last year. the crowd at the stadium were fired up for this one. they always are. in the fourth, hokies down 10-7. deep to knowles. he comes down with it. a 42-yard touchdown. back come the yellow jackets. less than a minute to go. washington looks and finds dion hill. georgia tech on top 17-14 after driving down field hokies with the chance. six seconds. the 41-yard field goal. he has got it. it goes to overtime and the hokies have just won the game on a field goal. they win 20-17. redskins now and about the only thing we know is the
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starting qb. the depth chart was released today but nothing is for sure until game time on saturday. it is interesting though. evan royster is on the top of the depth chart. alfred morse is at third. >> i'm looking forward to it. definitely excited about every time we have a game day. i work hard in the practice and the game day is a reward for your hard work on the week. the preseason doesn't matter. it's in the past now. looking forward to this first game. >> i guess i'm anxious too. i think i said saturday. of course everybody knows it's sunday in new orleans. morse is capable. the other two have starting experience.
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northrop grumman.
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hurricane isaac carved a path of destruction in the gulf coast but uncovered something pretty cool. it dredged up this ship wreck on the alabama coast. the vessel is 137 feet long. it has been unearthed a few times before in bad storms. experts are trying to identify where it came from. some think is it from the civil war era. a wedding party in romania are trying to add excitement to the reception. bride napping is the latest rage there. on saturday night women in their wedding gowns are running around a landmark in the capital.
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they have been kidnapped by friends. they stand around and dance and find unusual places to pay photos until the new groom shows up to pay the ransom. that is a public declaration to the bride. it says during the reception. this is after. >> that is the worst singles party ever. you have zero chance. there is no chance. >> okay. >> tonight show is coming up
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- dana carvey. and a special performance by nicki minaj.

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